GENINVO Launches Shadow™ Version 2

GENINVO Senior Innovation Officer, Tom Kalfas, announced the launch of Shadow™ Version 2. He said, “On behalf of GENINVO and our Innovative Solutions Team, I am very excited to announce the launch of the second major release of Shadow, our data transparency solution.”

Since its first release, Shadow has already become an industry-leading software innovation, automating the anonymization of clinical trial data and documents in support of global data transparency initiatives, such as EMA Policy 0070 and Health Canada’s PRCI (Public Release of Clinical Information). In the second generation, we introduced several new time and cost-saving efficiencies to streamline the anonymization process further for our users.

We also introduced new key capabilities such as “Auto RA,” a data-driven method for quickly determining the most effective combination of anonymization methods to apply and a CCI Justification Table generator (supporting both EMA and Health Canada formats) to complete the anonymization package for our users.

With leading-edge technologies, including AI and ML, Shadow 2 was designed to become increasingly more intelligent and easier to use based on the feedback of its user community. Shadow enhances the speed and efficiency of anonymization activity by reducing manual intervention and minimizing the risk of patient reidentification while maintaining data utility. Shadow addresses the evolving global data transparency requirements, allowing its users and their teams to focus on innovative science and results.

While we are all quite proud of the what the team has achieved, we are even more excited about the opportunities this new design makes possible and the innovations already in progress to support additional anonymization use cases and next-gen capabilities.

GENINVO has other technologies including DocQC™ for automated QC of documents and ApoGI™, a platform for managing data and metadata while interacting with different functions in pharmaceuticals. GENINVO will continue to enable and support our clients in their journey, working collaboratively to understand the needs of their systems, processes, and current challenges within the Life Sciences industry.

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