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GENINVO Machine Learning expert team helps in creating a system that can assist you with critical business decisions
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Why DS&A-CoE?
This Centre of Excellence forms the bed rock for innovation at GENINVO
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What is Data Science?

Data science entails analyzing data to find patterns and characteristics.
A combination of mathematics, statistics, and computer science are involved here. A variety of visualization techniques are used to make the data understandable. The focus here is to gain insights that can make a positive difference to the organization by understanding and using the data.

Like natural intelligence, artificial intelligence enables computers to mimic the human intelligence and behavior.

Machine Learning is a branch of Artificial Intelligence that focuses on *learning. In order to learn autonomously from data, algorithms and statistical models are developed without explicit instructions being given up front.

Deep Learning is part of Machine Learning that uses artificial neural networks. Models of this type are based on the structure and function of the human brain.

Technologies at DS&A-CoE

Generate better Insights
with Cutting-edge Technologies

Why DS&A-CoE?

"Our aim is to accelerate discoveries and the development of life sciences worldwide using AI/ML"

Boost Innovation

The DS&A-COE is the GenInvo pillar and go-to place for AI. Our aim to accelerate discoveries and the development of life sciences across the worldwide using AI/ML. Our experienced and highly skilled business strategists, life science experts, data scientist’s and others  understand tide of AI. We can assist in designing and implementing customized strategies to help traverse your business through a swift transition.

Increase Efficiency & Discover Insights Faster

Enables life sciences organizations to reduce time, eliminate data & process redundancies, minimize costs, wastages, and outflows. Enables you to drive efficiency in the business processes by delivering results in near real time, select the right target audience, and automatically classify and mine text for key insights. Real time results have made insight discovery faster than ever before. AI/ML generated results are more accurate and freer of any human induced errors or biases.

Mitigate Risks

AI where computer algorithms improve over time through their experience of using data – plays an increasingly prominent role in enterprise risk management. We create sophisticated tools to monitor and analyze behavior and activities in real time.

Building Solutions

Using AI/ML techniques, currently our experts are
working on to build solutions from scratch

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