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Transparency Requirements
Shadow - Data Anonymization Tool.

Shadow – Data Anonymization Tool.

Shadow™ is a leader in automating data and document de-identification and data anonymization tool.

Our team created this data anonymization tool to produce solution that allow you to focus on science and results.

Shadow™ alleviates the pain points of homegrown software utilities that often prove to be inefficient, difficult to maintain, and slow to match quickly evolving requirements.

Anonymization of documents has been challenging for Life Sciences companies as they look to comply with Health Canada, France’s MR001-MR004, and EMA Policy 0070 (Phase 1 and 2). Shadow™ enables our clients to address these issues now and into the future.

Shadow is a 21 CFR 11 and GDPR compliant solution to support global data sharing and de-identification requirements.

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Data Anonymization Tool for Health Industry

Key Features

Shadow™ is a fully featured, Health Canada, France’s MR001-MR004, EMA Policy 0070 (Phase 1 and 2) compliant solution

  • Ability to store/Apply De-ID strategies in metadata repository at Global, TA, Compound, Study, and Project Levels
  • Ability to interactively Apply/Test Data and Doc Rules
  • Dual-frame before-and-after views of data and documents during de-ID process
  • Performance Metrics: evaluate precision/efficiency of strategy application and effectiveness of the de-ID teams/personnel
  • Health Canada, France’s MR001-MR004, EMA Policy 0070 (Phase 1 and 2), compliant
  • Data (and Document) De-Identification and Anonymization
  • Risk Analysis – Ability to determine risk for re-identification
  • Tools to determine data utility 
  • Ability to generate Redaction Proposal,  Anonymization Plan and Report
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The Latest Industry Breakthrough

Looking to enhance your organization’s impact? GENINVO’s technology-empowered experts are available to assist you in the following areas:

Document +Data Anonymization

Shadow™ is a comprehensive solution to address the evolving landscape for data and/or document de-identification and anonymization

Anonymization Reports

Reports to drive, describe and monitor your anonymization project and the effectiveness of your teams.

Risk Analysis

Determination of the risk for re-identification of your data before and after de-identification to ensure you meet required thresholds.

Cutting Edge Solution

Built from the ground up by the innovative time at GENINVO, a team comprised of both Life Sciences and software development professionals

Dynamic Strategy Repository

Options to use the software’s “canned” (predefined) de-identification strategies for CDISC SDTM and ADaM along with those you develop to support your own data and document standards

Process Workflows​

Guidance for you and your project team members through de-identification, review/approval, and anonymization

Real-time Results

Visibility of the effects of your de-identification strategies as you apply them to determine and tailor their effectiveness

Data Utility

Evaluation of the impact of your applied de-identification strategies to ensure consumers’ ability to reproduce analyses

Performance Metrics

Assessment of the precision/efficiency of strategy application and effectiveness of the de-ID teams/personnel

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