The need for new drugs is significant to our everyday lives and companies must comply to the current regulatory processes. One of the main challenges pharma industry faces is the lengthy timeline of 10 years or more for developing medicines, the continuous pressure on pricing, and ever-changing guidelines. At the same time, another major challenge is the high degree of uncertainty for drug approval.

In the wake of pandemic, the need to expedite the Drug Development process has escalated. The Life 

science industry has significantly evolved, every day we experience multiple breakthroughs to competently react to one of the biggest threats of this era, the pandemic. The healthcare and associated companies took it upon themselves to avert the crisis in hand. GENINVO recognizes these issues and has been focused on producing the solutions for the complex unsolved challenges on hand. 

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Collaborative Innovation model

Collaboration between the right stakeholders is a foundation to innovation. Every pharma company has their unique needs and challenges, so ‘one size fits all’ solution wouldn’t be feasible to overcome them.  Our team is producing transformational software solutions using years of experience in life sciences industry, collaboration with industry forums, leading edge technologies and our software development capabilities, data-engineering practices, cloud expertise, and artificial intelligence research. Under our Collaborative

Innovation model, we form strategic partnerships with our clients to custom fit our innovative products to overcome the challenges of our clients.  We build efficient solutions, and in Collaborative Innovation engagement our teams work with you to understand your existing challenges and further develop our products to perfectly fit into your organisation and validate against your data. 

Our perfect mix of life science experts, leading technologists, and software development experts drive our services engine. They support our clients in several areas, including custom integration and this gives us experience across multiple sponsors of various sizes to become familiar with our challenges and requirements.Thus, we make way for an enhanced version of our products and services that is specific to your requirements. 

GENINVO aims to achieve the unmet needs of our clients. We create a flexible environment for our partners to help understand your gap areas and collaborate with our teams to gain useful insights. Through the cohesion of our groups, we tailor our product to match your unique demands. Customer needs to evolve, expectations change, and we go beyond those expectancies by utilizing our advanced technologies. An enhanced, client-centric customised version of our solution is developed for you.  

Our aim is to create a power-house innovation for our clients that they can easily industrialize across their organisation. GENINVO is where we make ideas of any size happen, let’s innovate together. 

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