Our Product

All our products are scalable, secure, and customizable. Our industry-leading Life Science products also come with plug-and-play modules and off-the-shelf licensing for hassle-free deployment with your existing infrastructure.


Next-Gen End to End Platform, Automating your Clinical Study Deliverables

ApoGI™ is an integrated, automation platform that leverages AI and ML, focusing on standards and metadata management to streamline processes and the generation of artifacts, typically associated with the clinical study lifecycle.


Medical Writers automation tool for QC checks

DocQC™ is a tool for automation of Quality Control (QC) checks that have historically required multiple, time-consuming cycles of manual review. Checks of various complexities are programmed leveraging cutting‒edge technologies. DocQC™enables your Medical Writers to maintain their focus on the science, analyses, and presentation of results.


Your Solution to Evolving Data Transparency Requirements

Shadow™ is a leader in automating data and document de-identification and anonymization technology. Our team of Life Sciences and software development professionals built it with a commitment to producing innovative and long-standing solutions.


A Document Generation Software

DocWrightAI™ – a document generation software for healthcare industry that revolutionizes the way life science companies generate and review standard documents.  It is designed specifically to meet the complex documentation requirements of the life sciences industry, automating much of the document creation process while maintaining accuracy and compliance.


Your Solution for Synthetic Data Generation

Our product generates “meaningful” synthetic data that simulates real-world scenarios, enabling you to test such things as your edit checks, CDISC (SDTM) dataset generation programs, data visualizations, and TFL (Tables, Figures, and Listings) generation programs under a wide range of conditions. It makes clinical trial simulation and synthetic data generation for healthcare easier.

Automation of Data Conversion™

Automation of Data Conversion

The SDTM (Study Data Tabulation Model) and ADaM (Analysis Data Model) are standards for human clinical trials (research) data tables and non-clinical data tables submitted by researchers to health authorities. It aligns with the specification developed by the Federation of Clinical Data Exchange Standards (CDISC). ApoGI is AI and meta-data driven designed for automation of end-to-end drug development process.