Life science tools companies are under increasing pressure to reduce time-to-market and the cost of introducing new products. As product lifecycles continue to decrease, compressing development cycles and accelerating new product introductions are becoming critical. Companies that fail to consistently launch new products will lose ground to more innovative competitors who invest in new and improved solutions to advance their customers’ research. But new products alone are not enough – they need to be successful new products.

To compete with the Life Science industry’s ever-increasing demands, enterprises must optimize cost and align IT with business outcomes. In addition, end markets and end-customers are ever more engaged and more critical as the healthcare industry trends toward connectivity, personalization, and self-service. To meet these needs, you’ll find custom application development an attractive choice, providing preconfigured solutions to meet challenging demands and help transform business.

At GENINVO, we understand the business challenges of enterprises big and small. Whether you need short-term, focused design support or turnkey product development, GENINVO will provide you with high-quality, innovative life sciences tools that are ready for future.

Our SMEs have a wealth of experience in Life Science domains. They have in-depth knowledge and provide guidance to product development teams. These projects resulted in Innovative products, like Shadow™, DocQC™, ApoGI™ , etc. DocQC™ product was developed to aid medical writers, focusing on medical and scientific content. DocQC™ verifies the content with automation with accuracy for reports that are part of Clinical Study Quality deliverables with quality outputs.

For life sciences innovators, improving lives is what counts. However, for many, distributed teams and disconnected data impede innovation and put product quality at risk. We automate product development best practices consistently to achieve better outcomes. We developed ApoGI™, which is a Metadata-driven artifact generation platform designed for end-to-end automation of the Clinical Drug Development process from Study Startup to Study Closure.

With the right people, process, and tools in place, we focus on what matters most: developing breakthrough products that save lives and improve outcomes. Our Life sciences teams master these product development lifecycle disciplines and achieve the agility needed to succeed in delivering with quality.

Our team has decades of experience, delivering world-class services and products. With the advanced AI/ML Technology, we created Shadow™ to automate the redaction of data and documents through anonymization processes.

As we see more data generation as part of the conduct of clinical trials, it has become evident that we need to continue rethinking and revisiting strategies to address current and future challenges. These products enhance the user experience, exploit existing legacy systems, improve capabilities of teams, and enhance the customer-partner experience. Our objective is to address the gaps in the current landscape and invest in automating technology for the future.

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Diverse Technical Capabilities

Life Science SMEs drive our custom application development supported by technology and development experts. Our technical teams support you in these ways:

  • JavaScript, Java, Python, Shell Scripting, and C++ Development
  • Relational and Graph Database Technologies
  • Big Data and Data Lakes (Hadoop, MS Insight, Spark, MongoDB)
  • R & R-Shiny Development
  • Data Visualization (Spotfire, Tableau)
  • UI/UX Development (AngularJS)
  • Project Management (General service projects and both Agile and Waterfall Software Development Methodologies)
  • Strong IT Team to support the Technical Platform (Platform as Service, Infra as Service, Software as Service) etc
  • Artificial Intelligence (Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing (NLP), Computer Vision, Voice Recognition, Chatbots, Recommendation Engines, Data/Document Recognition, Auto-Analytics, Robotic Process Automation (RPA))
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The GENINVO Difference

Looking to enhance your organization’s impact?
GENINVO’s technology-empowered experts are available to assist you in the following areas:

Software Architects and Developers

to support custom integrations and development projects and act as an extended arm for your development teams

Business Project Management

Help effectively manage key projects from pharma functional knowledge background

Technical Project Management

Govern your software projects including Waterfall and Agile software development methodologies


Enhance your software solutions environments, development systems, and software validation and release capabilities

QA/Computer Systems Validation Consultants

Evaluate and extend support for your software/systems development and implementation processes

Testing & Test Automation

Assess and support for your software testing processes, including the development of scripts to automate testing procedures

Technical Documentation & Training Specialists

Compile and maintain your Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)-related documentation, including the creation of owner/user manuals and training materials

Qualified Subject Matter experts

Delivery projects in the Life Sciences domain


GENINVO provides anonymization services for variety of anonymization needs including the following:

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