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Discoveries and investments in next-generation medicines as well as technology have seen an increase in the pharma space. The ability to develop and deploy medications is a tedious process as a typical drug development cycle is complex and approximately takes 10-15 years for completion. We have team across the globe and the good news is that you can tap into this pool and use as a transformation force to cultivate your idea. 

Due to the pandemic, the pharma industry has been compelled to expedite the trials and faced multiple challenges such as drug approval market decrease and increasing costs. To overcome these issues, we at GENINVO identified opportunities and disruptive methods that aid and accelerate the drug development timelines. Innovation acts as our core value and we intend to provide sustainable solutions that emerge from novel ideas to bring a difference in our society/ healthcare. 

By recognizing the ‘need of the hour’ we have introduced our engagement model, Innovative as a Service. People, process and technology are key to this offering, and we want to extend our support and resources to help identify your current challenges and build solutions to overcome them.

Engagement under this model gives you the opportunity to meet with serial of Subject Matter Expertise, senior solution architects, UI/UX designers, data scientists, technical leaders, or managers. This model also enables you to promptly define your innovative product, turn it into a working prototype, and finally into a Minimum Viable Product (MVP). We will be assisting you throughout the technology, and operations sides of this journey, letting your focus on the scientific aspects. 

We aid you by creating a solution specific to your requirement areas. Our expert teams follow an end-to-end approach, dedicating the necessary supplies to develop an accurate resolution. By fully offering our expertise, resources, and subject matter specialists, we build an effective product that caters all your gap areas. This is also how we personalize our client experience, and maintain momentum as well as balance, to deliver augmented and efficient results.   

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What you gain

  • Agility and flexibility approach 
  • A solutions build in shorter time
  • Access to highly skilled workforce
  • Technology partnership
  • A new robust product for your internal process and drug development enhancement.


You can opt for our automated support and leave the rest to us.

We’ll brew the inventive juices for you and create a standout element to enhance your business strategy by being your innovation driver. We want to become technology partners for our clients and help them build innovative products. 

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