Cloud Managed Services

In today’s dynamic environment, you need a clear path to achieve the business outcomes you desire successfully.

Where to Start:

  • Do you have a plan to move your applications to the cloud and achieve the business outcomes?
  • Do you have a solution to convert from a CAPEX to an OPEX model?

We help you manage your IT, databases, and enterprise applications, including the integration of Citrix, Azure AD, Octa, and SQL. We enable conversion from a CAPEX to an OPEX model, freeing up your IT resources to drive innovation. Our experts will outline how you can improve efficiency, delivering cost savings versus traditional on-premises environments.

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Managed Services

Managed services offer you a roadmap to reach your cloud potential:

  • Get clear assessments and advice when migrating to the cloud.
  • Access Microsoft Azure and AWS environments without added CAPEX.
  • Build business agility through multiple management options.
  • Leverage service levels with consistent application performance.
  • Enhance security with policy driven SSO.
  • Reduce risk and cost with usage-based pricing.
  • Deploy and manage critical enterprise workloads and data.
  • Manage your DevOps tools, activities such as install/upgrade, configuration, backup/restore of data, performance, and security.
  • Support the underlying compute, storage, and network resources.
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Why Adopt DevOps

DevOps is a powerful option for enterprises, accelerating their transformation journey and centrally managing their software and delivery foundation.

Your infrastructure is a perpetually evolving series of challenges. From mastering diverse tools to evolving software tools, from a functional and technical standpoint, DevOps is dynamic. Its impact includes technological trends, such as containers or micro-services.

Let us answer these questions with you:

  • How can you speed up DevOps initiatives?
  • How do you to start?
  • Where should you standardize?
  • How can you customize DevOps processes, practices, and tools?

We have expertise in all necessary areas, including accelerating and starting your DevOps initiatives and standardization and customization of your DevOps process, practices, or tools at the right places.

We have experience in delivering commercial services on Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, or with specialist experience in CI/CD, Infrastructure as a CODE and Cloud Management, and with open-source software like Kubernetes, Jenkins, Hashicorp (i.e., Vault, Terraform, Istio), or ELK stack. We offer access to people with expertise in all these areas and more.

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Key offerings for
DevOps managed services include:

Continuous integration

The speed and scale at which DevOps moves and manages the process to ensure quick and error-free releases.

Release management

We assist in managing your releases to reduce the risk of failed deployments

Security management

We provide comprehensive protection for your environment and embrace a DevSecOps Model


We actively check real user interactions monitoring of the system, infrastructure, application security, and more.

Policy & Governance

Create transparent cybersecurity policies and procedures that are easy for developers and other team members to understand and adopt. This enables teams to develop code that meets security requirements.


The benefits of switching to a managed services provider include reducing costs to a flat monthly rate and saving time.

If your business isn’t tapping into the benefits of the cloud yet, we can help. GENINVO can assess your business’ cloud readiness and determine which cloud IT solutions support your goals most effectively.

We provide customizable packages of managed IT services ­(a client can choose any components and services) with flexible pricing.​​

The subscription fee for managed IT services involves following factors:

  • IT infrastructure type (cloud, on-premises).
  • IT infrastructure complexity.
  • Scope of infrastructure projects.
  • Support package (time coverage, number of issues included).
  • SLO (target KPIs).

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