What We Do

GENINVO offers a wide range of services tailor-made for our client’s success. We understand the business challenges of organizations big and small. Whether you’re a startup or a multinational firm with data centers around the globe, our services can handle scale and complexity as well as create innovative tools for the future.

Custom Application Development

Life Science SMEs, leading technologists, and software development experts drive our services. They support clients in several areas, including custom integration and development projects, business and technical project management, DevOps, R-Shiny development, Data visualization, UI/UX development, and AI and technical platforms.

Anonymization As a Service

GENINVO enables data sharing and anonymization processes, providing a redaction only approach. We anonymize clinical data set, documents, and DICOM images in sync for one study and perform qualitative/quantitative risk assessments.

Talent Resource Hub

Today’s business environment is volatile, competitive, and complex. To stay ahead, businesses need innovative ways to optimize resources while remaining competitive and agile. We are dedicated to fostering diverse and promising talent to contribute to the innovative pipeline and product development within the Life Science domain. This involves the orchestration of holistic and end-to-end offerings, including digital, analytics, applications, and cloud services.

Cloud Managed Services

GENINVO helps you manage IT, databases, and enterprise applications, including the integration of Citrix, Azure AD, Octa, and SQL. We convert from a CAPEX to an OPEX model, freeing up your IT resources to drive innovation. Our experts outline how you can improve efficiency and realize cost savings versus traditional on-premises environments.

Collaborative Innovation ​

The need for new drugs is significant to our everyday lives and companies must comply to the current regulatory processes. One of the main challenges pharma industry faces is the lengthy timeline of 10 years or more for developing medicines, the continuous pressure on pricing, and ever-changing guidelines. At the same time, another major challenge is the high degree of uncertainty for drug approval.

Innovation As a Service

Discoveries and investments in next-generation medicines as well as technology have seen an increase in the pharma space. The ability to develop and deploy medications is a tedious process as a typical drug development cycle is complex and approximately takes 10-15 years for completion. We have team across the globe and the good news is that you can tap into this pool and use as a transformation force to cultivate your idea.