GENINVO is an independent organization launched from its parent company (a biometric-focused CRO). This background put us in a niche position with rich experience in providing technology-focused services and working on enabling automation.

Every day, we see the impact of innovation up close as we incorporate it in our business practices. It is vital for our clients and the advancement of society. Hence, our ingredient for success is bringing innovation to life so we can deliver value for customers while also creating an avenue for growth.

Our delivery of fit-for-purpose software solutions and services, and our commitment to identifying and addressing our clients’ needs, makes us a trusted advisor and strategic partner to our clients. We have a unique combination of expertise in Life Sciences, leading-edge technologies, and software development. This enables us to provide truly innovative and transformative solutions and services. We understand the clinical, technological, and business needs/challenges of our clients and can translate these as requirements and address them in our software solutions.  

Our handpicked product teams are the right mix of technology experts and Life Science SMEs, which brings a unique approach to problem-solving for the pharmaceutical industry. Our clients rely on us for complete transparency solutions, and we achieve excellence in clinical trials by offering automation tools such as DocQC, Shadow, Data Transformation Package, ApoGI, and many more to come as we move ahead.  

Our strength is in our implementation of technology, clinical technology, and our people. We also extend our services for data transformation, metadata management, and development of custom applications tailored for clients’ specific requirements. 

We have locations in USA, Canada, Europe, UK, and India. Our global reach allows us  to work with our clients as strategic partners rather than as just a vendor. We continuously invest in technologies to optimize services and solutions.

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Mission and Vision

Our mission is to be the go-to partner for our clients and an industry leader in Life Sciences.

We support our clients in their innovation journey by working collaboratively to understand their needs. Using our expertise in several areas including business, software development, and technology, we provide innovative and transformative solutions and services to bring life-changing products and treatments to patients faster.

Our vision is the digitalization of the pharmaceutical industry.

We believe in innovating for a better world and providing a utilitarian benefit to our users.

Our Leadership Team

Our leaders are transformative and innovative; they possess expertise allowing them to fill variety of roles and responsibilities while having a vision of the future to attain long term goals. They recognize each member’s strength through their character as well as skills and focus on embracing the differences to cultivate a workplace environment of continuous improvements and initiative.

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