GENINVO Launches Centre of Excellence for Data Science and Analytics

GENINVO Launches Centre of Excellence for Data Science and Analytics to Help Clients Unlock Insights using Data Science

Bloomington, 16th November 2021: GENINVO a leading provider of life sciences product and business solutions organization, announced the launch of a Centre of Excellence for Data Science and Analytics (DSA CoE). The DSA is a resolute team of experts comprising of life science and technology domains.

Data Science and Analytics CoE will focus on research and development of futuristic smart technologies and creation of next-generation products and solutions for its global customers in the life science and pharmaceutical space. The CoE aims to uncover unmet needs and create solutions to overcome them as GENINVO values both, people, and innovative technologies.

The primary focus of the Data Science and Analytics CoE is on leveraging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning Algorithms, Deep Learning to derive actionable insights using the various data science models and concepts.

GENINVO’s Scientific community can develop deep learning models to derive Image analysis and processing, help in anomaly detection amongst patterns, and develop automated solutions for life sciences. The team also excels in creating NLP pipelines powered by deep learning to extract insights from unstructured text, voice, and audio patterns.

GENINVO SMEs are also working on recommendation systems that predict user preferences and provides personalized item recommendations. GENINVO has an experienced team for generation of Data Visualization charts with use of tools such as SAS, R, Tableau, Spotfire, Qlik Sense, and Power-BI. With chatbot development module, human-like conversations are now possible which would help save time and operational costs.

Speaking about the importance of the Data Science and Analytics CoE, Shweta Shukla, CEO, GENINVO said, “Data science is an emerging field of science and has multiple aspects which our CoE utilizes. Intellectual capital is the greatest asset and digital transformation in medical science requires integration of people and knowledge. Data science is the bedrock of our solutions & services, and the advanced technology of AI/ML infused with data science helps draw informed insights so we can predict difficulties. The main purpose is to accelerate discoveries in our industry and help solve for future and existing long-standing challenges. Our team of Genius innovators continue to walk on a separate journey and think beyond what already exists to deliver unexpected results and innovations.”

The Data Science and Analytics CoE at GENINVO will participate in various industry forums and with standardized bodies in defining the future standards for Data Science and Analytics. The CoE will collaborate with various partners such as leading Academic Institutes and open-source communities to shape up the evolution and adoption of these next-generation technologies.

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