What is Password Protection?

Damanjeet Singh – Technical Lead- IT & Infrastructure

Passwords provide the first line of defense against unauthorized access to your computer and personal information.  

Once a password protects the data, only the person with the passwords will access the information or accounts.  

Another user cannot read, change, or delete your data set without knowing the password.   

The three different levels used in the 3-level password authentication scheme are image ordering, color pixels and the one-time password (OTP).  

Some ways in which you can make the most out of your password protection include:  

 1. Don’t share your password or relevant usernames with anyone. If anyone may need access to your data, be present and allow them access.  

2. Don’t use one password for all your various data accounts, be creative and have different passwords. Also, sharpen your memory and remember all of them.  

3. A stronger password is not only one that contains numbers, letters, and symbols. Make your password even stronger by creating a passphrase unique and crazy enough for you.  

4. Strengthen your password using multi-factor authentication, which will require your permission from another device to grant access.  

GenInvo has an MFA system for all applications; GenInvo protects your company’s data and makes management easier.  The system requires a person to provide a username and password and afterward allow access from the MFA app on your android or iOS phone.  The second authentication process uses the one-time password method to grant access.  

Why You Need Password Protection:  

Without a password, all your information will be open and available to anyone who tries to access it.   

In a business setting, this leaves critical data such as personal or client information exposed.   

Passwords are the first secure entry point to your information; therefore, anyone without it can easily experience a breach in their security system.  

Benefits of Using Password Protection for Your Business  

Passwords can be very beneficial for your company when implemented in the best ways.   

Here are some benefits of password protection for your business:  

With password protection and MFA, you allow instant, user-friendly and secure access to accounts or data.   

Instead of risking valuable business information, coming up with passwords keeps everyone’s work well protected beyond the administrators.  

The use of passwords and MFA have also reduced the possibility of hacking and brute force attacks on companies’ data.  

Top 5 tips for good password security!  

1. Make your password long   

2. Include numbers, symbols, uppercase, and lowercase letters   

3. Avoid using obvious personal information   

4. Do NOT reuse passwords   

5. Do NOT keep the same password for all accounts 

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What is Password Protection?

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