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Our SME’s and software development experts help you with complete End-to-End Application Development, Advisory Consulting Services, Enhancing Legacy Applications and more.
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Regulatory Bodies in
Life Sciences
Know more about the role of regulatory bodies and how they help shape a regulated Life Science industry around the world.
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Your Solution to Automating Clinical Study Deliverables
ApoGI™ ensures process consistency, automates repetitive tasks and artifact generation, and much more. Our AI-ML next-gen end-to-end platform does it all for you!
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GENINVO Believes in Leading through Innovation
We are proud to be sponsors of insightful and innovative conferences around the globe.
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Our COVID-19 Measures
In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we implemented social distancing in the workplace and allow employees who can work from home. We are also following the measures recommended by WHO.
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Our Service

Experience the GENINVO Difference with our services, tailored to meet your specific demands. We offer highly skilled, innovative, and adaptable teams who help our partners flourish and attain business success in a variety of industries.

Custom Application Development

Expert teams, Personalized tools, and Processes – We deliver exactly what our customers need.

Anonymization As a Service

We provide a variety of customized anonymization services to support global data sharing and transparency services, along with redaction and risk assessment options.

Talent Mapping

Our Life Science SME and software and technology experts support solutions in a variety of areas including data visualization, custom software development, and more.

Cloud Managed Services

In today’s dynamic environment, it is necessary to have a clear path to achieve the business outcomes you desire.

OUR Products

Experience our Product

All GENINVO products are scalable, secure, and customizable. Our industry-leading Life Science products also come with plug-and-play modules and off-the-shelf licensing for hassle-free deployment with existing infrastructure.

Learn more about the group working toward bringing a technological revolution to the Life Sciences industry.

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We always welcome the right talent. If AI/ML, NLP, Automation, Cloud and Big Data excite you, then GENINVO is the place for you!

Find out how #Shadow increased functional capability of a Global CRO by implementing data de-identification and anonymization in its processes. GENINVO aims to make it simpler for you!
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We loved the interactions at PHUSE Data Transparency Summer Virtual Event 2021! Very insightful sessions and the perfect platform to engage with many industry professionals. We got a chance to talk and showcase our product Shadow and Anonymization Service.

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Specially designed with new dynamic elements. Check it out!
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This day is marked to honor all the builders of a nation as it’s only through hard work, efforts, and resolute courage that every country grows. GENINVO wishes you a Happy Labor Day!

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