Data Masking and Data Anonymization: The need for healthcare companies

In the healthcare industry, the protection of sensitive patient data is of utmost importance. As healthcare companies handle vast amounts of personal and medical information, it becomes crucial to implement robust measures to safeguard patient privacy, comply with regulations, and mitigate risks associated with data breaches. Two key practices that address these concerns are data […]

Pharmaceuticals/CRO’s reducing the time spent on data protection by 50% with the help of Anonymization tools.

Pharmaceutical companies and Contract Research Organizations (CROs) are increasingly using anonymization tools to reduce the time spent on data protection. Anonymization is the process of protecting private or sensitive information by erasing or modifying personally identifiable information from datasets, documents and DICOM Images. while still maintaining the usefulness and integrity of the data for analysis […]

Overview of Clinical Data Sharing and Data Anonymization

Need for Data Sharing For biomedical research, Clinical trials are essential components as they lay down the foundation for the researchers to investigate the significance of various treatments and interventions given to humans for disease cures.  The urgency for Clinical Trial Transparency is highlighted by the Declaration of Helsinki and the World Health Organization. It […]