DocQC – Medical Writers automation tool for QC checks

DocQC is a standalone software-as-a-service application, also available in platform-as-a-service, or on-premise configurations. The accuracy and consistency of clinical trial documentation is key to successful submissions.With so many different source documents contributing to a single clinical study report, checking accuracy and traceability is mandatory.Manual document checking, particularly of embedded tables and listings, is particularly time […]

Abhay You Did IT for GENINVO!

Whether you are a large corporation with distributed cost centers or a small setup with a few employees, with the DocQC Medical writer automation tool, QC checks are not to be dreaded anymore. Abhay and his team helps deploy DocQC at enterprises, which eases the burden on medical writers and helps them focus more on […]

Ramesh You Did IT for GENINVO!

Ramesh brings a plethora of experience to the team and helps build world class products with a solid governance framework. Bravo Ramesh! Find more about us at #YesIDidItSeries #ProudGenInvo

Thomas You Did IT for GENINVO!

GenInvo has come a long way right from its inception as an idea, to a full-fledged technology firm offering State-of-the-art Clinical Technology products and digital transformation solutions to many of the industry leaders in the life sciences industry. And Thomas has played an integral role from the beginning! Bravo Thomas Kalfas! Find more about us […]

Shadow- Risk Analysis Tool

Determine the risk for re-identification of your data before and after de-identification to ensure you meet required thresholds. It’s Your Solution to Evolving Data Transparency Requirements.

Shadow- Data Anonymization Tool

Know Shadow With Geninvo – Shadow is a leader in automating Data and Document De-Identification and Anonymization technology. It’s Your Solution to Evolving Data Transparency Requirements.

GENINVO Anniversary

GENINVO Celebrates another year of achieving business excellence in Pharmaceutical and Life-sciences businesses around the world. Learn more about our industry breakthrough products at