Document Generation Made Easy  

DocGen™- Document Generation Software

Welcome to GENINVO’s latest innovation, DocGen™ – a document generation software for healthcare industry that revolutionizes the way life science companies generate and review standard documents. 

It is designed specifically to meet the complex documentation requirements of the life sciences industry, automating much of the document creation process while maintaining accuracy and compliance.

With DocGen™, you can build a document template library and leverage this to streamline the creation of various documents, including clinical study reports, investigator brochures, regulatory submissions, patient information leaflets, labeling, and other technical documents as well. 

DocGen™ features a user-friendly interface and integrates with various data sources, including electronic health records, patient registries, clinical databases, study datasets, etc., to generate documents automatically from structured data.  

With validation and verification features powered by DocQC™, DocGen™ ensures that all generated documents meet both internal & regulatory standards and guidelines.

The solution is customizable, and you can create templates, workflows, and business rules according to your requirements. 

The tool is built for teams, facilitating collaborative document creation and review in real-time, ensuring faster approvals and reducing review cycles.  

DocGen™’s ability to enable  

  • multi-site,  
  • multi-region and
  • multi-language support

increases the teams’ efficiency and reduces the time-to-completion, all while ensuring compliance. 

With DocGen™, you can be rest assured that your documents will be accurate, consistent, and compliant, while reducing time and cost, minimizing errors, and improving the efficiency of the document creation process. 

Are you ready to transform your document creation process? Get in touch with us today to learn more about how DocGen™ can help your life science company take your document authoring to the next level. 

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DocGen™ Feature Summary

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

NLP can help extract information from unstructured data, such as protocols, clinical study reports, patient notes, lab reports, and other documentation, to generate more accurate and comprehensive documents.

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DocGen can enable seamless collaboration between teams in different locations, streamlining the document review and approval process.

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Conditional Statements/Templates

DocGen can include conditional statements, allowing you to insert text based on certain criteria or data, further streamlining the document creation process. 

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Machine Learning

An AI-powered DocGen solution learns from previously generated documents to suggest improvements and optimize the document generation process.

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Content Libraries

Content libraries can store pre-approved content like standard clauses/paragraph and even entire sections of the document, reducing the time and effort required for document creation.  

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This feature can automatically format documents according to industry standards, eliminating the need for manual formatting. 

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Integrated Validation and Verification

DocGen can include validation and verification features to ensure the generated documents meet regulatory standards and guidelines. 

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Customizable templates can help you to create documents according to your specific needs and brand standards. 

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With integrated electronic signature support, the tool can help to streamline the document approval process. 

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Multi-Language Support

DocGen can support multiple languages, ensuring documents can be generated in the appropriate language for the target audience, increasing accuracy and compliance. 

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